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WHY choose 4 Peaceful Resolutions, LLC? 

We understand the dynamics of conflict because we focus on the conflict. Our Mediators work with disputants to focus on their problem(s) and not how one can win or lose. We are not advocates for the clients; we are NEUTRALS that work with disputants as they do the work to dissect the problems that are causing the conflict and work to create solutions that are sustainable.


 Family Disputes

(Juvenile, Circuit, and Chancery Court)

General Civil


Conflicts Involving Final Arrangements of Your Loved Ones


Intrapersonal Conflict

Community issues


Prenuptial and Post- Nuptial (Marital) Conflict Management


Parent/Teen Conflict(s)

Intra & Inter Organizational Disputes

Church Disputes (Pastors, Leaderships, and Congregation) 

All Educational Institutions

Peacemaking Circles

Grief Group Sessions

In addition, we provide conflict management skills training to Correctional Facilities.


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