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         Lisa Jones Johnson is a Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 Listed Mediator, Paralegal, and Notary Public with over 20 years of professional experience. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Memphis in Paralegal Studies before eventually earning her Master of Arts in Conflict Resolution from Bethel University. In 2014, Lisa formed 4 Peaceful Resolutions, LLC where she works as a mediator to help disputants resolve their conflict(s) while working to maintain sustainable solutions. Her areas of expertise include conflict resolution, mediation with/without domestic violence issues , grief group sessions, motivational & public speaking and interpersonal communication.


         Lisa has mediated numerous cases throughout several courts in Tennessee. She has served as an instructor at Memphis Theological Seminary for the Dr. James L. Netters Certificate Program and a facilitator for conflict management at the Mark Luttrell Correctional Facility. She is the Executive Director of 4PR2, the non-profit arm of 4 Peaceful Resolutions, LLC, which started its very own class for Conflict Management at the Women's Therapeutic Residential Center in Henning, TN. Moreover,  Lisa has chartered various organizations throughout Memphis and Shelby County. In addition to her professional work, she continues to volunteer her services to various community organizations.


 We Foresee Peaceful Resolutions Through Our 4 C Process.

  • Contact- Locating a mediator

  • Communication- Articulating the issues

  • Consensus- Working to resolve the disputed issues

  • Conclusion- Memorializing your agreement on paper  

4 Peaceful

Resolutions, LLC

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