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Understanding MEDIATION?


 Mediation gives each party the power to be in control over the outcome of their conflict, by providing a professional and unbaised form of negotiation with a mediator.   Instead of litigating a dispute, the parties can choose to negotiate for a peaceful resolution.   


4 Peaceful Resolutions, LLC is a Conflict Management & Mediation Company that works with individuals and/or groups that are in conflict(s) in order to help the disputants reach a peaceful resolution. Our company understands that conflict is inevitable and that peace cannot be purchased. However, you can learn how to find a way to live harmoniously with one another by working to resolve conflict(s). We work with all couples, landlord/tenant disputes, child visitation, church disputes, family issues that involve conflict and elder care disputes.  



The mission of our company is to guide disputants to a solution that they can live with and respect.  We will provide conflict resolution and prevention skills that will afford individuals an opportunity to live in peace.


  • Family Disputes (Juvenile, Circuit, Chancery Court and conflicts including Funeral issues)

  • General Civil

  • Probate Matters

  • Conflicts Involving Final Arrangements of Your Loved Ones

  • Community issues

  • All Educational Institutions

  • Prenuptial and Post-Nuptial Conflict Management

  • Parent/Teen Conflict

  • Intrapersonal Conflict 

  • Intra & Inter-Organizational Disputes

  • Church Disputes (Pastors, leaderships & congregation)

  • Grief Group Sessions

  • Conflict Management Training

  • Peacemaking Circles

  • Notary Services



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